Valet Parking

Valet on Main Street Thursday thru Saturday from 5pm-11pm

Our valet team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service for great first and last impressions. We are just getting started…as success permits, we hope to be able to expand this service to multiple locations throughout Bethlehem.

Curbside valet parking for our downtown visitors.


Benefits of our new Valet Parking Services:

Adds a competitive edge for our downtown businesses.
Enhances our overall downtown image with exclusive style.
Increases the effective number of curbside spaces for visitors.
Creates a unique sense of arrival.
Provides a personalized welcome, and a fond farewell.


With our valet system, requesting your car is as easy as sending a text.

Here’s how it works: Pull up to our valet podium and get a valet claim ticket. When you’re ready to retrieve your car, just follow the instructions on the valet claim ticket to initiate retrieval…that way, your car is waiting for you…you’re not waiting for your car.

You can also pay with any major credit card or PayPal directly through your mobile phone.We’ll send you a link when you text for your car. Our valet team will let you know when your car is ready through an automated text message generated by Flash Valet. It’s that simple. No waiting outside. No scrambling for cash. It’s VIP service!






If you’re planning a special event and want to add that special touch with valet services, we will provide your guests with a warm welcome and a fond farewell. We will address your special needs, and determine the best way to offer your guests a seamless valet experience. Please email us, or call Kevin at 610-865-7123 (ext 32) to see how we can assist you with your special event.



HAVING YOUR WEDDING IN BETHLEHEM?  Our valet parking team can be there to help make your wedding day special for you and all your guests. Please email us, or call Kim at 610-865-7123 (ext 24) to see how we can assist you with your special event.



We are committed to providing your wedding party and guests, with a seamless and pleasant experience throughout your special day!